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Examples of Product Liability Claims

Examples of Product Liability Claims

Using a product that is defective or improperly labeled often results in injuries for the user. In legal terms, this type of case is known as a product liability claim. If you have suffered an injury from a defective product, it is essential to work with a personal injury attorney in Miami who can seek to get you compensation for your suffering. There are many types of product liability claims which fall into one of the three categories listed below.

  1. Defectively Designed Products: Products fall into this category if an entire line of products is dangerous, even though they were made correctly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Products in this category often go through the process of product recalls. Some examples include electric blankets that electrocute the user when the temperature is turned on high, hip implants which cause the user further pain because they have a design flaw, or a model of car which flips over when turning corners.
  2. Defectively Manufactured Products: A defectively manufactured product has a flaw because of an error during the production process. Generally when this occurs, it is a single product, rather than a whole line of products impacted. Examples include a CPAP mask with a hole, cough syrup tainted with a poisonous substance, or a vehicle missing its brake pads.
  3. Products without Proper Warnings/Instructions: When a product is packaged without adequate instructions or a proper warning label, consumers are often injured. An example would be if a tea kettle has a poorly placed steam valve, and the consumer gets burned due to lack of warning.

If you or a loved one has used a defective product and sustained injuries, you deserve legal representation from a tenacious personal injury attorney. Contact us at Calil Law, P.A to schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team.